Matilde Cerruti Quara

b. 1991 in Friuli, IT. Lives and works in London, UK
Bocconi University, Milan (IT), BSc in International Economics, Management and Finance, 2013
University of Glasgow (UK), MLitt Art Theory (Merit), 2014

Matilde Cerruti Quara is a visual artist, poet and performer. Unwaveringly challenging the malleable border in between reality and fiction, Cerruti Quara’s practice explores language, identity, spirituality and systems of belief—with a focus on power dynamics.

Through immersive installations, Cerruti Quara appropriates the defining elements of certain lived life environments and proceeds in recreating and reinterpreting them through sculptural, sound and light interventions which also include her painting, writing and verbo-visual works. They could be seen as sets, or stages. Occasionally Cerruti Quara has been exploring the idea of artist as a host by developing an interactive format, Salotto, that brings together elements of the literary salon, experimental theatre and workshops.

During her previous curatorial practice, she worked with Milovan Farronato at the Fiorucci Art Trust in London, UK as well as independently delivering exhibitions in Italy, Germany and Greece.

Since 2016, Cerruti Quara has regularly produced editorials for fashion magazines, which she sees as public mood boards and platforms of experimentation. She authored the series In the studio with for L’Uomo Vogue, holding the role of writer, creative director and fashion editor. Since 2016, she produces photo shoots, interviews and think pieces for the Italian i-D Magazine.

Matilde Cerruti Quara is the Social Media Editor of Neither Nor: The challenge to the Labyrinth: the Italian Pavilion at the 58th Biennale di Venezia (11 May – 24 November 2019).

WHEN THE GATES COME DOWN, SWEETIE, IT WILL ALL HAPPEN VERY FAST, Jupiter Woods, London, UK, 7 – 23 February 2020
MALEVICH 4 LAYLOW POETRY SLAM, co-hosted with Svetlana Marich, Laylow, London, UK, 15 December 2019
Ti racconto un anno (MONTHLY LETTERS X BINGA), I write to you only on Sundays — on occasion of A Silenced Victory curated by Daria Khan, Mimosa House, London, UK, 19 October 2019
Reading Tomaso Binga w/ Tomaso Binga on occasion of A Silenced Victory curated by Daria Khan, Mimosa House, London, UK, 26 September 2019
A signal through the flames (Comizi d’Amore), OTTO ZOO Gallery, Milan, IT, 17 September 2019
Savage curated by Self Pleasure Publishing | Jacopo Miliani, OTTO ZOO Gallery, Milan, IT, 17 September – 2 November 2019 (group)
PRELUDE, Jupiter Woods Fundraising Summer Party, Jupiter Woods, London, UK, 27 July 2019
Cosmology & Stratosphere, Prophecy and Trance, the Future in Advance + REINCARNATION, CAMPerVAN 2049 – TAKE II Grow Tottenham, London, UK, 25 May 2019
Weltanschauung, CASTRO Projects, Rome, IT, 17 May 2019
PARADOX 7/11, Bauer Hotel + various venues, Archivio Conz & REIF.LIFE w/ George Brecht, Marcelo Alcaide, Filip Berg, Matilde Cerruti Quara, Vava Dudu, Douglas Gordon, Isabel Lewis, Stefania Palumbo, Yael Salomonowitz, Olympia Scarry, Jeppe Ulgevig, Gigiotto von Alt, Cibelle Cavali Bastos, AVAF – Christophe Hamaide Pierson, Giovanni Leonardo Bassan, Michèle Lamy, Esben Weile, Venice, IT, 7 – 11 May 2019
Salotto II – Readings (The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche, Faust by J.W. von Goethe, The Occult by Colin Wilson, Of suede and desire by Matilde Cerruti Quara, Staying with the Trouble by Donna Haraway and Scirocco by Matilde Cerruti Quara), Hot Wheels Projects, Athens, EL, 27 November 2018
Salotto I – A Public Conversation behind Close Doors with Delia Gonzalez and Phoebe Tickell, Hot Wheels Projects, Athens, EL, 20 November 2018
At the Foyer of Purgatory, Hot Wheels Projects, Athens, EL, 13 November – 23 December 2018
Nel ritorno torno, indietro nel torno del ritorno, presented by Residency 80121, Monaciello Disco, Museo Gaetano Filangieri, Naples, IT, 5 July 2018
Waves Meditation, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, UK, 13 April 2018
Marquise, Purple Velvet 2, presented by the RCA Queer Society, ArtBar, Royal College of Art, London, UK, 1 February 2018
SELADOR by Anna Franceschini ft. Matilde Cerruti Quara, commissioned by Momentum Journal at SPRINT _\|/_ Independent Publishers and Artists’ Books Salon Milano, Milan, IT, 25 – 26 November 2017
Grotesque, concept by Paolo Gonzato, Sala delle Colonne, Corbetta, IT, November 2017 (group)
Gli alieni sono poetesse, The Sci-Fi Powerverse, curated by Zoe Marden, CAMPerVAN c/o Jupiter Woods, London, UK, 29 September 2017
Marquise, CAMPerVAN, clUB Q21 at q|LAB, Milan, IT, 11 September 2017
Homage à C., Ecocore VII – The Cannabis Issue, August 2018
The Last Days of Pompeii, for Delia Gonzalez: The Last Days of Pompeii, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, MA, July 2018 (exh. cat.)
A brief digression on the imagery in philosophical science-fiction to investigate how our experience of the present is influenced by the long-haul shadows cast by defunct events, and by our vision of the future, for We Stared at the Moon from the Centre of the Sun curated by Haroon Mirza at Towner, Eastbourne, UK, January 2018
The Last Days of Pompeii, for Delia Gonzalez: The Last Days of Pompeii, Galleria Fonti, Naples, IT, November 2017
Looking at a white cube, in ‘Contemporary Art Working Class Hero – Dispatch from the Late Capitalist Art System’, edited by Stimuli Stimuli, UK & Italy, November 2017 (publication)
A Prose on Ephemerality, for Davide STUCCHI, Deborah Schamoni, Munich, DE, May 2017
paolo carzana, il designer emergente che dà nuova vita all’estetica del grottesco, i-D Italy, September 2019 (text and creative direction)
attraverso il labirinto del padiglione italia alla biennale di venezia, i-D Italy, May 2019 (text and creative direction)
venezia, la biennale e la terza via: una giornata con milovan farronato, i-D Italy, April 2019 (text, creative direction & fashion editor)
yolanda zobel x courrèges: il futuro era ieri, i-D Italy, February 2019 (text)
perché non possiamo più permetterci di ignorare l’attualità, i-D Italy, December 2018 (text)
Patrizio Di Massimo, L’Uomo Vogue, October 2018 (fashion editor and creative direction)
Non dobbiamo mai smettere di marciare: cosa rappresenta oggi l’8 marzo?, i-D Italy, March 2017 (text)
Off the studio with Lloyd Corporation, L’Uomo Vogue, January 2017 (text and creative direction)
parliamo di narcisismo contemporaneo con alessandro bava, i-D Italy, November 2016 (text)
mille e una notte (insonni): tra milano e dubai, conosciamo jumairy, i-D Italy, November 2016 (text)
In the studio with Matteo Callegari, L’Uomo Vogue, December 2016 (text and creative direction)
ed atkins ci parla di aereoporti, bathos e identità maschile, i-D Italy, October 2016 (text)
In the studio with Charlie Billingham, L’Uomo Vogue, August 2016 (text and creative direction)
In the studio with Adham Faramawy, L’Uomo Vogue, July 2016 (text and creative direction)
A Mystical Staircase, L’Uomo Vogue, July 2016 (text)
In the studio with Rebecca Ackroyd, L’Uomo Vogue, June 2016 (text and creative direction)
il blu è un colore caldo: l’iperuranio di priscilla tea in mostra a parigi, i-D Italy, June 2016 (text)
In the studio with Athena Papadopolous, L’Uomo Vogue, April 2016 (text and creative direction)
cool kids can dye, i-D Italy, April 2016 (text)
STYLING Discolite by Anna Franceschini, Performing Objects, Kunstraum, London, UK, June 2017 (performance)
MAKE UP The Gate FW17*, presented by ECOCORE, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, UK, March 2017 (fashion show)
*The Gate fashion show launched the latest collection of clothing produced by members of The Gate. The Gate Arts Project is a collective of artists working from an arts centre for adults with learning disabilities in Shepherd’s Bush, West London.
ASSISTANT CURATOR Si Sedes Non Is, with Enrico David, Joana Escoval, Anna Franceschini, Delia Gonzalez, Camille Henrot, Karl Holmqvist, Christian Holstad, Maria Loboda, Goshka Macuga, Lucy McKenzie, Paulina Olowska, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Angelo Papadimitriou, Micki Pellerano, Angelo Plessas, Gareth Pugh, Mathilde Rosier, Prem Sahib, Vanessa Safavi, Socratis Socratous, curated by Milovan Farronato at The Breeder Gallery, Athens, EL, April – August 2017
CO-CURATOR with Sorana Serban, Soon Enough, with James Hoff, Franziska Lantz, Deborah Ligorio, Mara Ploscaru, Nicolò Russian, Priscilla Tea, insitu, Berlin, DE, August 2016